BAUHAUS brand, from the impact of modern building more than 100 years of German Bauhaus concept .Brand on the basis of pragmatism, combined with minimalist aesthetics, the space partition and the integration of modern humanistic philosophy of art; TO create a harmonious, modern and artistic humanistic environment. 
The company has the international advanced level of modern production equipment, and the establishment of a complete steel fire barrier production line, the product has been tested by the international authoritative testing institutions.It is the pioneer of the all-steel fireproof partition of China's earliest modular combination.
Guangzhou BAUHAUS metal partition technology co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as: BAUHAUS. The company advocates "harmony" human and space design concept, in terms of aesthetic experience for the customer creation space company wisdom, with the domestic and foreign first-class team, create endless, infinite space partition industry technical high, one-time roll forming technology is the industry leader, especially the metal framework 0.02 mm accuracy more manifests the BAUHAUS scientific, rigorous attitude.
Based on our advantage on technology, Bauhaus in all steel metal partition material research and development has made remarkable achievements and innovation breakthrough, as the direction of the company's main product strategy, concept with the rigorous attitude, on the basis of the continuous pursuit of practical aesthetics, the aesthetics of art and security perfectly, to provide customers with safe and comfortable work space embody aesthetic art of life.
After more than a decade of boom type development, formed the talents as the core, science and technology innovation as the power, of production-teaching-research combination mode, industry continues to lead the indoor office partition, over the years with the German Bauhaus Building partition ...

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famous brand

We earn and recognize long-term products and services from hundreds of multinational corporations and large enterprises around the world and we provide total solutions to enhance the taste and value of the office environment.

High quality products

Because we have advanced production and processing equipment, and the implementation of strict and effective management (ISO9001,2000,14001 management system) to control, we only provide quality products to customer service.

Good reputation

We insist on the integrity, integrity, fairness and integrity in any place and under any circumstance, so we have won the long-term trust from distributors / agents and end-users all over the world.

Perfect service

We serve projects all over the country for 14 years, tens of thousands of successful cases, our experience to provide customers with important protection. We have always pursued a systematic service process, contact us will be able to feel our perfect service system for your continued convenience.

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